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When Can I Modify My Child Support Agreement?

When Can I Modify My Child Support Agreement

Question: My son moved in with his girlfriend and mother. He says his mother is giving him money toward rent to live there. She moved out of her apartment and moved in with her mom because she couldn’t afford the apartment. He is 20 years old and is employed part-time. He does not go to […]

New York Divorce Guide

New York Divorce Guide

Covering Assets, Alimony, Custody, and More When going through a divorce, things can get very stressful and confusing. The New York Divorce Guide was created by the Albany Divorce Lawyers at Jean Mahserjian Esq. PC. to help people know their rights and duties. Getting Divorced in New York State: A New York Divorce Guide Divorce […]

How Is Child Support Calculated in NY?

How Is Child Support Calculated in NY?

Question: My ex wife and myself were divorced 4 years ago, at the time we deviated from the CSSA and no child support was ordered. Visitation breaks down to 49%me and 51%ex wife. We make approximately the same amount of money. Circumstances has changed ,he was two at the time of the current order now […]

Do I Have to Pay College Expenses and Child Support at the Same Time?

Do I Have to Pay College Expenses and Child Support at the Same Time

Question: I’m a child support Payor, paying child support pursuant to court order. My daughter is entering college. The Payee is seeking to modify the support order asking that I pay child support and college expenses at the same time. Is it standard for college expenses to be ordered simultaneous with child support being paid? […]

Having Difficulties with a Divorce Appeal

Having Difficulties with a Divorce Appeal

Question: My lawyer did not advise me that I had 30 days to appeal after the judge signed my divorce papers. Is there anything I can do? My lawyer did not want to use mental health of my ex as a reason even though I had tape recordings proving. He also did not submit pictures […]

3 Things About Child Support and College Expenses You Didn’t Know

When you are divorced and have children, many parents have to deal with helping their child pay for college tuition during the time they are still paying child support. 1.) The Requirement to Pay College Expenses A court is empowered to direct parents to contribute to the college expenses of the child. The court, in […]

Three Tips to Get Your Ex-Spouse’s Junk Out of Your House

Saratoga Divorce Attorney

Three Tips to Get Your Ex-Spouse’s Junk Out of Your House Download Our Free Divorce Guide Question: It’s been over 2 years since our divorce. We were married for 18 years and he still hasn’t removed his expensive tools and other personal items that are stacked up and taking up cupboard space in my garage. He probably […]

When Do the Split Marital Debts Need to be Paid After Divorce?

Saratoga Divorce Attorney

When filing for uncontested divorce in NYS, all debt is divided in half. How soon it has to be paid by spouse after filing? Question: I have 2 credit cards what my husband used and almost maxed out. My understanding that when divorce is filed all assets and debt is divided between us. How soon […]

How Can I Change the Jurisdiction of a Child Custody Petition?

Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer

Attorney Jean Mahserjian Explains How You Can Change the Jurisdiction of a Child Custody Petition It is appropriate to initiate a custody petition in any county where either parent or the child resides. If, however, the other parent files their petition in a county that is inconvenient for you, you – or your attorney – […]

What Reasons Would I Have to Pay Spousal Support?

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Question: I live in NY and have been married 7 yrs. I make more $, house was mine prior to marriage, no kids. What reasons would I have to pay support ans I thought NYS was a state that no longer had alimony for irreconcilable differences? Download Our Free Divorce Guide Answer: The court will […]

Violation of a Child Custody Order

Saratoga Child Custody Attorney

Question: How many violations of visitation do i have to file before the court will do something about my ex keeping my daughter from me.  I am supposed to get my daughter every other weekend 4pm friday until 7pm sunday. My ex picks when and if she wants to send my daughter.If we have a […]

Dividing a Premarital Pension After Divorce

Dividing a Premarital Pension After Divorce

If a defined benefit pension plan existed prior to the marriage, the post-divorce division will be based upon the total amount of time the titled spouse participated in the plan, and how long he or she was in the plan while married. In most cases, 50% of the portion of the plan that accrued during […]