Divorce Fee Concerns

When going through divorce, you may be wondering how you are going to manage everything financially. It can cause a great deal of stress in a situation that is unfortunately a stressful one to begin with. In the meantime, here are some divorce fee concerns.

Divorce Fee Concerns: Requesting Your Spouse to Pay for Your Legal Fees

Divorce Fee Concerns Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Family Law AttorneyIf you’re going through a divorce and your spouse is the moneyed spouse – meaning your spouse makes significantly more money than you do – you can request that the judge order your spouse to pay your attorney fees. Typically, if your spouse is making more money than you are, the judge will grant your request.

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Divorce Fee Concerns: Uncontested Flat Fee Divorce

As an owner of a law firm and an experienced New York Divorce Lawyer, our office handles uncontested divorces using a variety of formats. For parties who already have an agreement and know how they’re going to resolve every issue, we have our streamlined process. This flat-fee process covers our handling of all the paperwork necessary to go from final agreement to judgment of divorce. If the parties have not yet reached agreement on all of the issues but want to work on an agreement because they want an uncontested divorce, we’ll work with the process. We’ll negotiate with our client and the other spouse’s attorney. We’ll refer them to mediation. Essentially, we’ll do whatever is necessary to achieve the parties’ goal – a final drafted agreement acceptable to both parties. Then, we’ll pursue an uncontested divorce that eliminates any need for court house appearances.

If you have any further divorce fee concerns or any questions at all, please call our Saratoga divorce attorneys for fierce and dedicated representation. At our practice, we safeguard you through the legal process of divorce to help this difficult time be easier on you.

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