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Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., PC Client Reviews

Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., PC

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5 Elizabeth Cannistraci via

I thank God for Jean and her staff for helping me through a long legal battle with ex-spouse.

5 Carmella Oliver via

Very good firm, my lawyer Anthony I recommend highly.

5 Vickie Ronda via

5 Matt Wilming via

5 Brenda Keegan via

Exceptional team!!!

5 Jason Dicaprio via

Great lawyers that care. They fight for you and what is right.

5 Chris Boucher via

5 Kelli Flack via

They were so kind and caring throughout the whole experience. Walked with me through everything. They made a difficult and painful time more. I would recommend them to in a heartbeat. Best decision about the divorce I made.

5 John G. via

They were so kind and caring throughout the whole experience. Walked with me through everything. They made a difficult and painful time more. I would recommend them to in a heartbeat. Best decision about the divorce I made.

5 Charles R. Foster via

This is Charles Foster and I am deaf,  for little over 3 years I have been frustrated to find divorce lawyer that will be willing to do my divorce case.  The divorce case was a very complex case and everytime I see a lawyer he or she won’t take it.  One reason it was very complex is my spouse doesn’t live in the United States or ever been in the United States.I did give up and decided to forget the divorce and keep the separation.   My friends advised me to go for divorce for my protection.   It’s been in my mind all those times then finally went to my General Attorney, Kevin Tollisen.  He is my friend.   He helped me refer to divorce lawyer Ashley L. Mahserjian-Oritz.  He contacted her and explained my case.  She told him she is willing to try to take it and willing to talk to me.I was happy and excited about it,  I made an appointment to see Ashley.   I had all the files ready for her.   On that day when I went to see her,  I told her because I am deaf and communication will take time and it will be hard for me to pay hourly rate,  she said I can pay one hour rate and stay as long as we communicate.   She was a very friendly, warm person, very pleasant and easy to talk to.   She talked slowly and I was able to lip read her.  If I don’t understand her she writes down.  She was very good and patient with my communication.She did see my divorce case will be real complex and she said she never has done the divorce case like I had before and she said she was willing to take it.    She told me she will need to do a lot of research and see what she can do.  I told her to go for it and it will be a great experience for her and once she succeeds in it, it will make her an excellent lawyer.   She smiled with appreciation.She and I got together quite a bit a lot of times, we also emailed and text to each other a lot of times.  It took little over one year to go through.  We went to family court once, she had a sign language interpreter come for me.   She did all the talking in court to support my case,  she did a great job.   I could see the judge’s face.  He was impressed with her.  That was the way I saw it from his face.  He cooperated with her very well.We won the divorce and she saved me and my life,  my retirements, my house, etc….  There were things I didn’t realize about the marriage law and she helped me straighten it out and saved me.   It was hard because I am deaf and there are a lot of things I dont know about the law.    We were so successful because of Ashley.    My divorce case was pretty expensive because it was a complex case but I do feel it was worth it paying because she was a great reliable lawyer.Ashley Maherjian-Oritz is more than 5 star lawyer,  if any of you need a good divorce lawyer, I would suggest go to Ashley J Maherjian-Oritz, her office is in Clifton Park, NY     She is more than lawyer, she is pleasant person and easy to talk to and good listener.   She really did care for me as her client.   She will do the same for you.Even when the divorce case was done, there was time I needed to contact her for some help like my protection and rights, and be sure I understood it right.  She is always there for me and helps me understand it.

5 Alan via

I found Ashley to be responsive to each of my requests. She was timely and realistic in her responses. Any request was met with critical thinking and careful decision making by analyzing and diagnosing potential issues. Ashley’s ability to quickly resolve any conflict in proceedings proved to be cost saving and crucial to my case. She was always consistent, honored confidentiality, demonstrated patience and sought understanding of any concerns I had. Ashley was always well organized and prepared to respond to questions, and for meetings with me. I value having been represented by Ashley and most important for her competence and compassion as a divorce attorney.

5 Katie via

Ashley was great when it came to my divorce. She was on top of everything and so understand when it came to my situation.

5 Marie via

Ashley was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive during a very tough time. She gave clear advice and instructions and handled the process completely, and worked to provide me with options based on my financial situations to keep the bill as low as possible. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone going through a divorce or separation.

5 Joseph Bona via

The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They truly care about their clients and walk you through the process every step of the way. I highly recommend Jean and here team for any legal needs.

5 anonymous via

I was in the middle of nasty Divorce and I had to change lawyers because they weren’t willing to work with me or get me what I needed. Suffice it to say the case was a mess. I Miraculously found Ashley, and I was a bit skeptical at first but she handled my case like she had been a lawyer for 30+ years. She was very professional and willing to go to bat for me, even while I was being a total pain in the neck. Ultimately my Case was settled and I was very happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Ashley.

5 Mary Ann G. via

Throughout the divorce process, I felt confident that Ashley, Jean and the team were doing a great job with the legal aspects, so I could focus on myself and my children. They provided clear explanations of the legal process. I appreciated that they asked questions instead of making assumptions about what I wanted. I felt that they were sensitive to my individual situation. Highly recommend.

5 Nancy via

She was amazingly helpful and empathetic and compassionate to my situation. I had an attorney prior to her who didn’t do a darn thing for me for well over a year, but Jean got right on my case and kept it moving along. Her staff is so very helpful as well. I highly recommend Jean.

5 Melissa Ward via

Was a real advocate for me while going through my divorce.  Responded to emails and calls promptly and guided me through the entire process.  Fair, responsive and frankly a light during a tough time.

5 anonymous via

Very informative and dependable. Highly recommended

5 Danielle P via

Jean and the whole team are the best, thank you!

5 Katy via

Ashley was my attorney throughout my divorce process. She was always there to answer a question, explain my options, and at times slowly review everything again.I have recommended her to several friends and family, as I felt I could trust her to always have my best interest at heart.As I stated, communication and access was key- unlike other attorneys I’ve heard of, she was always available with a call, email, or in person. During such an anxious and trying time of life, it was beyond comforting to have her in my corner.

5 Lenny via

Ashley handled my complicated divorce case and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. I felt confident in her recommendations throughout and her attentiveness to detail in the many legal documents.

5 Trevor via

Jean represented me during my divorce proceedings for a little over a year until an agreement was made. We were able to come to an agreement and settle out of court and mostly stay out of the court house. I felt represented very well and have the utmost confidence in Jean’s legal prowess. Jean and her law office were always very easy to contact, I had no trouble getting ahold of someone if I had questions or updates for them. Jean and all her staff were very friendly and welcoming. I had as great an experience as one could have while going through the divorce process. Jean is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend her to anyone needing representation during divorce or custody battles.

5 Robert Murray via

Jean and firm are very professional,  Handled all concerns with the utmost respect.  Alexis was outstanding and the reason I left another firm, a definite asset to your company.   Jean treated me like a priority.  Emails and calls always responded promptly day or night.  Very direct and knowledgeable in all matters.  I would highly recommend!

5 Shane via

Very impressed with the professionalism of this firm. Constant timely contact with all matters. Made me feel like a priority. Great legal advice.

5 Jamie Stewart via

I am so glad I decided to use Jean. M. Mahserjian for my divorce/separation/custody case.  Extremely good communication, timeline was accurate, and was practically hassle free.  The hardest part was finding a notory in my state!  Thank you so much!!!

5 Scott via

Jean Mahserjian’s office was recommended to me by several acquaintances that all had direct positive experiences. I found their office to meet and exceed all of the expectations I had. If you are going to see an attorney it is not always for the most pleasant reasons. Jean was great in explaining all that I needed to know and more importantly listening to my concerns and adapting the general direction and demeanor of her techniques to fit my concerns. Jean and her staff’s wealth of knowledge and experience were critical in helping me to come to a positive resolution in a timely manner for the matter I was involved in. I would highly recommend Jean Mahserjian.

5 Jesse Melanson via

I am so glad I decided to use Jean. M. Mahserjian for my divorce/separation/custody case.  Extremely good communication, timeline was accurate, and was practically hassle free.  The hardest part was finding a notory in my state!  Thank you so much!!!

5 anonymous via

I met with Jean for an initial consult prior to my divorce, and she was honest and supportive, which I really needed! I wound up mediating my divorce, but used Jean to file the paperwork. She and her staff were very helpful and supportive; my phone calls and emails were all returned promptly. Her staff is very friendly! I would definitely recommend Jean to any of my friends!

5 Sole Practitioner via lawyers dot com

Family Law An excellent practitioner with a solid reputation.

5 Jesse via

I am so glad I decided to use Jean. M. Mahserjian for my divorce/separation/custody case. Extremely good communication, timeline was accurate, and was practically hassle free. The hardest part was finding a notory in my state! Thank you so much!!!

5 Bobbie-Jo via

I used the office of Jean M. Mahserjian for my divorce procedure. Everyone I was in contact with was friendly, professional, and treated me with respect. The turn-around time on any of my inquiries was very fast. They answered all of my questions and made sure I was well taken care of. Going through a divorce is a very difficult process, but they made every effort to keep me informed on timelines along the way, what to expect, and, in my opinion went above the “norm”. I filed for divorce the week of Christmas, and they had a rough draft of the divorce in my hands within days. They even provided me guidance with how to change my name. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did to make a horrible time in my life as easy as possible on me and my daughter. I highly recommend them.

5 anonymous via

It was a situation that overwhelmed and, frankly, frightened me so I hired Ashley. She took care everything and negotiated a fair and just result. I’m really grateful.

5 Veronica via

Great customer service. I was kept informed, everything was completed timely and professionally, and every deadline was met. Follow up was excellent, and all my calls returned promptly. excellent experience with this attorneys office.

5 Jason via

Excellent service provided. I talked to a real person anytime I called. My e-mails were answered promptly. I was kept up to date on the status of my case. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of the services provided.

5 Steve via

I was only allowed to choose 3 attributes for Jean’s “Top Attributes” on the LinkedIn website which is a pity because she has so many more. I have been through several Custody, Support Modification and Child Support disputes with Jean and she is excellent. She represents what YOU want yet gives her honest opinion on positions. She is personable, a good listener but can be very tough when she needs to be on your behalf. Jean’s support staff is outstanding, reliable and trustworthy. They all do their homework which leads to great and fair results. Highly recommended.

5 Kenneth Green via

I have known Jean Mahserjian for more than 20 years. She has provided excellent service to me in handling back tax matters. She is tenatious, meticulous in all details and extremly efficient so that my legal costs were “spot on” reasonable.I also enjoyed working with Jean on the Clifton Park, NY Industrial Development Agecy. Jean served as their corporate council and provided valuable legal advice to me and the clients that I presented to this fine agency.I would recommend Jean for any legal work that one would want.

5 John via

I met Jean when my ex-wife launched a viscous and untrue attack against me in her attempt to manipulate the courts to take away all of my parental rights. Jean not only countered this attack but obtained a much more fair and equitable custody situation that is shared now. She was ready at every step of the way and ahead of the very dirty lawyer that my ex-wife hired. She didn’t need to stoop to the low levels that this lawyer tried to sink to. Her integrity and professionalism showed at every step in the process. I would give her the very highest recommendation that I can give for anyone who has a situation that is highly stressful and combative. She brought the playing field back to a level and fair situation for me.

5 Evon via

I went to there office for divorce and the process was so easy! Everybody was really friendly and helpful kept me updated and we finished everything in a timely manner i Don’t have anything bad to say they finished everything For me and i really appreciate their help!

5 anonymous via

Jean is thorough divorce attorney that I found to be very knowledgable and helpful for me during my divorce. She and her staff made the process as smooth as possible and were always available for questions. I’d highly recommend the online process that Jean offers.

5 Andrew via

I would recommend Ms. Mahserjian to anyone needing an intelligent, attentive and savvy attorney. Legal issues are complex, especially child support and custody issues. She prepares well, and keeps your interests as the priority.

5 Melissa via

Jean is an outstanding attorney. When I needed her services, she came through going above and beyond my expectations. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to her as I have complete confidence that she would do for them equally as well as she did for me!

5 anonymous via

Great group to work with. They are knowledgeable, efficient and respectful. Have recommended them to several friends and family and they have all been happy as well. Keep up the good work!

5 Bruce via

I have sent about 5 friends to Jean for advice and all have retained her.Jean handled my divorce, which had some particularly difficult financial issues to iron out. There were three things that I really liked about the service:1) Jean’s ability to explain the process and strategy took a lot of stress out of the event2) Her deep local experience gives her client an edge in understanding what to expect from the various people, organizations and agencies they will encounter during the process.3) I was very pleased with Jean’s attempts to keep the legal expenses down

5 Ryan via

Ashley did an amazing job! She came into a situation that was already about a year an a half on going and pretty messy. The attorney I had before hiring Ashley didn’t really do much to help me and kind of left me out to dry. When Ashley stepped in, I knew immediately that I was in good hands. She was extremely informative on what my rights are as a father and very knowledgeable on family law itself. Throughout the entire process she kept me involved and kept me in the loop on what was going on. I spoke with her almost every week just to make sure we were on the same page and also to make sure I was doing all the right things. She was there for me each step of the way, and I never felt that I was being neglected as a client or that I was being judged either. She gave me praise for my actions(reactions), when warranted, and criticism when needed as well. She never let me drop the ball and just made sure that I was doing my part as well as she was doing hers. When it came to negotiations with opposing counsel, they never stood a chance. Ashley was on top of her game the entire process and I never had to worry. In the courtroom, she showed great poise and confidence when speaking to the judge. In my case, luckily, we were able to settle and resolve all issues. I would recommend Jean Mahserjians office to anyone I know going through family court, and specifically recommend Ashley. Thank you so much for everything.

5 David H. via

I am a father of four daughters ages 9-15. I was served separation papers without warning and my life turned upside down. To complicate matters my now ex-wife filed criminal charges. These charges were absurd, but in NY, criminal charges means that you leave your home, lose your children, and all your rights. Ashley worked with me to navigate through family court, and assisted with the criminal case. She worked with my criminal lawyer to achieve the best possible outcome without going to trial. Truly and undoubtedly, she stepped up at every moment to defend me, help my kids, and keep us together as a family. We went to Supreme Court once the tides changed, as a last ditch effort by my ex. Ashley continued to excel. With a new judge, Ashley still portrayed the situation in such a light that the facts and circumstances were almost seamless and the judge sent us to conference. In conference it was one on one, face to face with my ex and her lawyer. Every detail was considered by Ashley before these conferences. She explained what to expect, discussed each step, and had me prepared for what was coming. Ashley set forth a path that in the end gave me my kids over 90% of the time. I am now officially divorced. I have my kids. I imagine that my case was as bad as they come. I hope for whoever reads this, that your situation is no where near this severe. Regardless, I trusted myself and my family to Ashley’s care. I would do so again in a seconds notice. She was professional every step of the way. Carried herself with poise, and was steadfast throughout. More importantly to me than her obvious abilities as a lawyer, she was compassionate. I felt that she absolutely had my best interests in mind. She saved my family. I am recommending Ashley to absolutely provide the best service available. You will not be disappointed.