Saratoga Power of Attorney Lawyers

Serving clients in Saratoga, Albany, Warren, Washington, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Green, and Columbia

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    Saratoga Power of Attorney Lawyers

    Do you need legal help?

      Saratoga Power of Attorney Lawyers

      Serving clients in Saratoga, Albany, Warren, Washington, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Green, and Columbia

      Do you need legal help?

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        Saratoga Power of Attorney Lawyers

        Planning what happens with your estate can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the process. Choosing a power of attorney is a careful decision we can help you make. That is why our Saratoga power of attorney lawyers are here to help you manage this complicated task. Read on to learn about the important role a power of attorney can play in your life and legacy.

        Choosing a Trusted Power of Attorney

        Saratoga Power of Attorney LawyersThe document “power of attorney” grants someone a lot of power. Giving someone the power of attorney means giving them permission to take over all of your financial and medical decisions.When you choose your power of attorney, you really need to consider the decision carefully. You are picking someone who will have full control over all of your finances and medical decisions. You should choose a person in whom you have full confidence. You have to be able to trust their decision making.

        Be Deliberate with the Number of People You Choose

        As Saratoga power of attorney lawyers, we urge you not to give all four of your children, for example, power of attorney. Choosing too many people can make it very complicated. We understand that picking just one person can feel like you are picking a favorite family member, but it’s best to have one person. There is less of a chance of hurt feelings and differing opinions interfering with getting everything done. Things can be done much quicker when you assign power of attorney to just one person.

        You Cannot Reverse Damage

        To reiterate how important it is that you pick someone you trust, imagine choosing someone who makes poor decisions. You cannot go back in time and unpick someone after they make a terrible choice with their power. This power can be abused. Although you cannot fix any damage that was done by a power of attorney, you can certainly stop them in their tracks.

        You Are Not Losing Any Power

        If you appoint a power of attorney, you are not relinquishing your own power. You are adding someone who can also make legal decisions. If you are still able to make decisions, your power of attorney cannot override them. They don’t take your power away. They are only allowed to make decisions for you when you’re unable to do that for yourself.

        It Is Not Permanent

        There is no permanency to this decision you make. You can go back and change your mind. So long as you are capable of making decisions, you can amend the choice of power of attorney. You have a right to change your power of attorney for any reason. If at any point you feel like the individual with your power of attorney is not adhering to your wishes, you can call your Saratoga power of attorney lawyer and have them get that document changed to what you would like it to be.

        Your Power of Attorney Cannot Override Your Will

        You will likely have a last will and testament. In most cases, if you have that, you also have an executor for that will. It is confusing for some people to understand why they need a power of attorney. Maybe there is concern that you will have some power struggle between your executor and the person to whom you have given power of attorney. The will that you made shows who you have picked to handle your estate after you are gone. The executor of the will isn’t allowed to act on this until after you are gone. The power of attorney is allowed to make medical and financial decisions while you are living.

        The Power Ends at Death

        To further explain the distinction of the power of attorney, you should understand that anyone who acts as a power of attorney will no longer have any power after the moment of your death. They are not legally allowed to do anything with your finances after you pass away. They cannot override what the executor of the will is allowed to do. There is no overlap of power. The person you choose should understand when their power of attorney ends.

        Proceed With Caution

        There are two things you need to be careful with. One, have a full understanding of who you pick and what they are allowed to do on your behalf. Two, if you are given power of attorney, you have to be very careful that you only use the power that was legally granted to you. Don’t get yourself into legal trouble because you didn’t understand the full extent of the document.

        Call Our Saratoga Power of Attorney Lawyers

        You are making very big decisions when you pick a power of attorney. You don’t want to make this decision lightly. Our Saratoga power of attorney lawyers are here to help guide you. Contact our office today!Follow us on Facebook