Saratoga Health Care Proxy Lawyers

Serving clients in Saratoga, Albany, Warren, Washington, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Green, and Columbia

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    Saratoga Health Care Proxy Lawyers

    Do you need legal help?

      Saratoga Health Care Proxy Lawyers

      Serving clients in Saratoga, Albany, Warren, Washington, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Green, and Columbia

      Do you need legal help?

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        Saratoga Health Care Proxy Lawyers

        Saratoga Health Care Proxy LawyersDo you need help understanding the fine details of estate planning? Our Saratoga health care proxy lawyers are here to help you understand what you need to do to get yourself a health care agent. Call us today.

        Defining What Health Care Proxies Are

        There is something called the Health Care Proxy Law. It exists so you can pick someone to be your health care agent. That person acts as a decision maker to act on your behalf when you become unable to do it yourself. They will be the one to make the call on something like whether or not to prove life support for you. This person can be family or a trusted friend.It is up to you how much control this person has. You decide how much power they get over medical decisions they make for you. You can provide them with instructions for what exactly you wish them to say. For example you can let them know what you wish for them to do with your organs, whether or not you want them donated.We encourage people to choose a health care agent. Everyone faces health issues in their lifetime. It’s good to have someone who can make your medical decisions if you cannot do it for yourself. Please note that if you have someone dedicated to make decisions based on the FHCDA, it is a different thing than a health care proxy.If you are someone who resides in a different state for some parts of the year, check with your Saratoga health care proxy lawyers if you need to do anything special to make that work.

        A Living Will vs a Health Care Proxy

        A living will is a document that states what you wish to do with your medical treatments. It is not the same as a health care proxy. You can include the information from your living will on your health care proxy.

        Benefits of Picking a Health Care Agent

        We often urge clients to choose a health care agent because you may enter a phase in your life where you cannot tell the doctor what you want to do with your treatment.Here is what you should know about health care proxies:

        • You will pick an adult person to be your agent
        • It can be someone related to you or not
        • Picking an agent will help clear up any doubt for future medical treatment
        • If you are receiving treatment you specifically did not want, your agent can come in and out a stop to it and vise versa.

        What Power Does My Health Care Agent Have?

        Depending on the level of power you give your agent, they can have as much decision-making power as you would. That includes:

        • Deciding what treatment you will or will not have according to your wishes
        • Pick what treatments you get based on options presented and your wishes

        You can go as far as telling them what kind of life saving or supporting treatments you wish to be provided for you. That may be a feeding tube. That could be artificial hydration.You have to let your health care agent know what you want.

        How Are These Decisions Made?

        Your health care agent is legally obligated to make any decisions on your explicit written wishes. They should also be aware of what your moral and religious beliefs are if any and how that would affect decisions.These decisions are to be made after your doctor tells your agent that you cannot make medical decisions for yourself. You don’t lose control to your agent while you’re still able to make decisions. You make these decisions until you’re no longer physically able to do so for yourself.

        Appointing Your Health Care Agent

        You can choose any adult with good decision making skills. You can appoint this agent on a signed document which is your health care proxy. We suggest making this decision very carefully and discussing it with those who you are considering to act as your agent. You will likely be able to easily determine whether or not you want to pick a certain person.If the person you choose is also an acting physician, they cannot act as your agent and your physician at the same time.Your Saratoga health care proxy lawyers can help you better understand the decision you are making. It is important you know the full weight of the decision you make and what you should expect your agent to be responsible for.It is a delicate decision. You don’t want to make it lightly. You want to take it very seriously. Act like your life is in their hands because it very well may be.

        Call Our Saratoga Health Care Proxy Lawyers Today

        You should understand the full extent of a health care proxy. We can walk you through all of this. It is essential that you know what you want to put in your proxy and what you want your agent to do. Call our experienced today to get started.