Saratoga Divorce Mediation

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Alternative to Suing for Divorce

Divorce mediation is an alternative to litigation that can be less expensive and contentious. New York does not require that spouses mediate or arbitrate their divorce or separation issues, but does allow the mediation process to supplement or bypass the litigation system.

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New York divorce mediation is a process whereby the parties work with a mediator or mediators who help them reach an agreement. A mediator does not decide matters for the parties or offer an opinion as to what the end result should be. Rather, a mediator outlines issues and helps the parties to arrive at their own resolutions.

New York divorce mediation services from Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., P.C.

All four of the attorneys at Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., P.C. are certified divorce mediators. A potential client needs to be clear that they want our office to be the mediator for their divorce. If you want our firm to mediate, we can not meet separately with either party.  If you first consult with one of our attorneys in the office about divorce, we cannot be a neutral mediator. 

In a divorce situation, we will counsel spouses during the mediation process. We engage with our clients in thorough “coaching” sessions, which ensure that you are prepared for your negotiating sessions. We deftly steer you towards “global” solutions, rather than allowing the process to get stalled over minutiae. And, most importantly, we make sure you don’t walk into an ambush unprepared.

A mediator should not provide legal advice to either party, nor can a mediator provide the in-depth individual advice that each party needs to successfully complete the mediation process. But since you are negotiating terms that will greatly impact the future of your home and family, you should have a professional advocate whose job it is to look out for your interests. Our Saratoga County attorneys have had great success “coaching up” clients so they are ready for negotiations and can capably make informed decisions.

Retaining independent attorneys can increase your upfront costs, but often ensures that your mediated agreement does not fall apart afterwards. Many couples who work without attorneys make it all the way through the divorce mediation process, only to discover that the mediated agreement doesn’t protect some area of their rights. At that point they hire an attorney and have to start all over in court. This is truly a case of an ounce of legal prevention being worth a pound of cure.

Elder Mediation

What can be done when senior citizens face major life transitions, and their adult children are stuck in conflict? Issues like distribution of caregiving responsibilities, residence decisions, wills and estates, safety and health concerns, the sale of the family home, and more can divide a family for many years. When communication is strained and critical decisions are stuck in limbo, families may need the help of a skilled New York elder mediator to get them moving forward.

Elder mediation helps move family decision-making along. The attorneys at Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq makes the process private, confidential, and voluntary. Our mediators facilitate conversation in which each family member is encouraged to express their concerns and interests. We are highly skilled in conflict resolution and are neutral facilitators who will not pass judgement or takes sides in discussions. There are two goals in New York elder mediation. First is to allow families to create solutions that are workable and agreeable to difficult disputes and second to develop communication strategies within the family to successfully enable decisions in the future.

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