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Child Support Videos

Pro Rata Child Support Enforcement
Financial Disclosure Affidavit

Paying Child Support if You Become Full Custody Holder
My Spouse Received a Bonus, How Does That Calculate with Child Support

My Ex is Not Paying Child Support
Extracurricular Activities
Filing Child Support Order Objections

Can Summer Camp be Used as a Day Care Expense?

Who Pays for the Children’s Clothing?

How Long is Child Support Paid in NYS?

How is Day Care Paid with a NYS Child Support Order?

Can a Child Support Order be Changed Because of Job Loss?

Can My Ex Quit Their Job to Reduce Child Support?

How is Child Support Calculated if One Parent Works Off the Books?

How Does Payment for Extracurricular Activities Work with Child Support?
How Do I File for Child Support if My Spouse Lives in Another State?
Contribution to the Children’s Health Insurance

How are Non-Reimbursed Medical Bills Paid with Child Support?

Can I Modify a Child Support Provision in New York?

Is Health Insurance Calculated for Child Support in NYS?

Is Child Support Tax Deductible?

Claiming the Children on Your Taxes if You Pay Full Child Support

How is Child Support Calculated in NYS?

How Do I Get an Order of Child Support in NYS?

Am I Required to Pay for Private School?

How is College Tuition After Divorce Handled?

Non-Custodial Parents College Expense Obligation

Do I Have to Pay for College Expenses if I Pay Support?

Am I Required to Pay College Expenses?

Helping with Your Child’s College Savings Account After Divorce 
Can I Limit College Contributions to a SUNY School?

Paying Child Support for a College Dropout

Paying for Health Insurance After Divorce
Will I Have to Pay for College Expenses Until Graduation