Educational Videos


  • Divorce Law Videos

How Long Does it Take to Get Divorced?
Information to Gather When Considering Divorce
How Should I Prepare for Divorce in NYS?
What is a No Fault Divorce in New York?
How Do Grounds for Divorce Work in NYS?
Divorce Annulment
Minimizing Divorce Expenses
How Do Fees Work in a Divorce Case?
Requiring Your Spouse to Pay the Divorce Fees
What Information Does My Attorney Need If I Want a Divorce?
Obtaining a New York State Divorce if You Just Moved to the State
Divorce A Missing Spouse
Moving Out of the House Before Divorce with the Children
What is an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in New York State?
The Divorce Trial Process
Opening Your Own Bank Account if You File for Divorce
Can My Spouse Get Access to a Bank Account My Parent’s Put My Name On?
My Spouse Won’t Turn Over Their Financial Paperwork
How Does New York Handle My House If I Owned it Before the Marriage?
House Appraisal in a Divorce
Can I Modify My Divorce Agreement in NYS?
Can I File a Joint Tax Return the Year We Get Divorced?
Can I Change My Life Insurance Beneficiary During the Divorce?

How Long Must I Wait for a Judgement on a Non-Responding Spouse?
Will I Own All the Marital Assets in a Default Judgement?
Finding Hidden Money in Your Spouse’s Business Accounts
Can I Remove My Spouse from the Insurance?
Court-Ordered Life Insurance
Divorce Reconciliation
Unfair Divorce Agreement Options

  • Divorce Mediation Videos

What is Divorce Mediation?
Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?
How Does Divorce Mediation Work in NYS?
Do I Need an Attorney If I am Mediating My Divorce?
What is the Job of a Divorce Mediator?
Enforcing Agreements Made At Mediation
Memorandum Of Understanding In Divorce Mediation
When Mediation Doesn’t Work

  • Equitable Distribution Videos

What is Important to Know About Equitable Distribution?
Separate Property
Commingled Property
Will I Have to Sell My House if I Get Divorced?
Premarital Property Rights
How Will My Inheritance be Treated During a Divorce?
Dividing Inherited Property
How Can I Get My Share of My Spouse’s Business?
Dividing a Family Business
How is a Mutually Shared Business Handled?
Protecting Your Retirement Account
Is Winning an Injury Settlement Considered Joint Marital Property?
Dividing Employee Bonuses
How is a 401K Divided?
Dividing Stock Options
Will My Premarital Retirement Account be Divided?
How is a Premarital Pension Divided?
Grandparent 529 Plans

  • Uncontested Divorce Videos

What is the Process for an Uncontested Divorce in New York State?
What are the Differences Between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce in NYS?
Do I Need a Separation Agreement to get an Uncontested Divorce

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) Videos

QDRO Process Explained
Am I Entitled to My Spouse’s Social Security Benefits?
Disinheriting Your Spouse to Protect Your Assets
Obtaining Your Part of Your Spouse’s 401K if they Die
What Happens to My Pension or Deferred Compensation Account After a Divorce?
Handling Two Pensions When Both Parties are Unsure on Retirement
QDRO Distribution
When Will I Receive My Share of the Pension?
Protecting Your Part of a Pension Plan if Your Ex Spouse Dies
I’m Unable to Get My Share of My Ex’s 401K
Your Ex Spouse is Refusing to Retire to Avoid Sharing the Pension
Who Must Divide the Retirement Accounts After a Divorce?
Not Having a Qualified Domestic Relations Order
Tax Consequences of Receiving Part of a Deferred Compensation Plan
Paying for Health Insurance After Divorce
My Spouse is Threatening to Terminate My Health Insurance

  • Spousal Support Videos

What is Spousal Maintenance in NYS?
The Different Types of Spousal Maintenance
If I Don’t File a Divorce or Separation Agreement, Can I Still Get Spousal Support in NYS?
How Long is Spousal Maintenance Paid in NYS?
Can I Discharge Maintenance with Bankruptcy?
Can I Stay on My Spouse’s Medical Insurance After Divorce?
Does My Former Spouse Need to Maintain Their Life Insurance After Divorce?
How are Mortgage Payments and Other Bills Paid During a Divorce?
How do Dependency Exemptions Work in a Divorce?
My Ex Is Not Paying Spousal Maintenance

  • Family Law Videos

Prenuptial Agreement Riders
Postnuptial Agreements
Bringing a Support Person to Family Court
Served a Summons Out of State
What If You Can’t Make It To Family Court?
Consequences for Missing Family Court
Dealing with Criminal Charges and Divorce

  • Domestic Violence Videos

My Ex is Threatening to Take Me to Court
How Long Does an Order of Protection Last?
Where are the Nearest Domestic Abuse Resources in Saratoga or Albany County?
What to Do if Someone Violates an Order of Protection
Accidental Violation of an Order of Protection
Consent Without Admission
I’m Afraid of Seeing the Respondent in Court, What Should I Do?
I Was a Victim of Domestic Violence, But I Can’t Afford an Attorney
Having an Order of Protection Against Your Spouse at a Custody Trial
Subject in a CPS Investigation
Challenging a CPS Indicated Finding

  • Child Custody Videos

Is it Possible for a Father to Win Custody?
Changing Your Child’s Name to Match Yours
Emergency Child Support
Bringing Up a False CPS Report at Trial
Obtaining Custody of Your Niece or Nephew
Requesting a New Law Guardian to be Appointed
Grandparent’s Rights
Moving Out of State Before the Baby is Born if Your Not Married
What are Paternity Rights in NYS?
Standard Custodial Schedules for a Non-Custodial Parent
What is the Difference Between Joint and Sole Custody in NYS?
What is Important to Know About Shared Custody?
Is Joint Custody Preferred by New York State Courts?
How is Child Support Calculated if There Is Shared Custody?
My Ex is Not Following the Orders of Custody
How Do I Modify My Child Custody Order?
Modifying an Out of State Custody Order to Suit NY
Changing the Jurisdiction on a Custody Petition
Which Court do I File a Custody Petition in?
How Can I Enforce an Out of State Custody Order?
Can I Relocate to a Different State if I Have Sole Custody of My Children?
Can a Child Choose Which Parent They Want to Live With?
My Ex Won’t Let Me Take My Children on a Trip
How Can I Get My Child a Passport?
Am I Required to Consent to My Child’s College Choice?
Child Custody Relocation Laws
Child Custody Witnesses
How Does a Child Advocate Articulate Your Child’s Wishes?
Using Substituted Judgments for a Disabled Child

  • Child Support Videos

Pro Rata Child Support Enforcement
Financial Disclosure Affidavit
Paying Child Support if You Become Full Custody Holder
My Spouse Received a Bonus, How Does That Calculate with Child Support
My Ex is Not Paying Child Support
Extracurricular Activities
Filing Child Support Order Objections
Can Summer Camp be Used as a Day Care Expense?
Who Pays for the Children’s Clothing?
How Long is Child Support Paid in NYS?
How is Day Care Paid with a NYS Child Support Order?
Can a Child Support Order be Changed Because of Job Loss?
Can My Ex Quit Their Job to Reduce Child Support?
How is Child Support Calculated if One Parent Works Off the Books?
How Does Payment for Extracurricular Activities Work with Child Support?
How Do I File for Child Support if My Spouse Lives in Another State?
Contribution to the Children’s Health Insurance
How are Non-Reimbursed Medical Bills Paid with Child Support?
Can I Modify a Child Support Provision in New York?
Is Health Insurance Calculated for Child Support in NYS?
Is Child Support Tax Deductible?
Claiming the Children on Your Taxes if You Pay Full Child Support
How is Child Support Calculated in NYS?
How Do I Get an Order of Child Support in NYS?
Am I Required to Pay for Private School?
How is College Tuition After Divorce Handled?
Non-Custodial Parents College Expense Obligation
Do I Have to Pay for College Expenses if I Pay Support?
Am I Required to Pay College Expenses?
Helping with Your Child’s College Savings Account After Divorce 
Can I Limit College Contributions to a SUNY School?
Paying Child Support for a College Dropout
Will I Have to Pay for College Expenses Until Graduation