Enforcing Agreements Made At Mediation

Watch this educational video by experienced Albany divorce attorney Jean Mahserjian to learn about enforcing agreements made at mediation.

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The overwhelming majority of our clients who go to mediation never see a courthouse. They conclude mediation peacefully and successfully. We then are given some paperwork by the mediator. The attorneys prepare the rest of the paperwork. It is all submitted to the court, and the clients never have to go to court.

If you are not able to successfully conclude mediation, you may need a court to resolve the balance of the issues, so you may end up in court. However, if you start in mediation, the likelihood of that process becoming acrimonious is lessened.

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Divorce mediation is an alternative to litigation that can be less expensive and contentious. New York does not require that spouses mediate or arbitrate their divorce or separation issues, but does allow the mediation process to supplement or bypass the litigation system.

New York divorce mediation is a process whereby the parties work with a mediator or mediators who help them reach an agreement. A mediator does not decide matters for the parties or offer an opinion as to what the end result should be. Rather, a mediator outlines issues and helps the parties to arrive at their own resolutions.

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