How Should I Prepare for Divorce in NYS?

  • How you prepare for Divorce in New York State depends upon the type of Divorce that you are going to have
  • You are going to need tax returns and credit card statements, in order to outline your financial situation
  • Depending on the type of Divorce, we may need to have you obtain other documents, or take other action to protect yourself

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This informational video was provided by Jean Mahserjian, an experienced New York Divorce Lawyer.

Download Our Free Divorce Guide

Out of Town Legal Resources

We help people that are considering divorce in the Albany / Saratoga area, but we are constantly looking for attorneys and online resources that can help people across the country. We found these divorce lawyers in Buffalo, NY that did a great job with their online legal resources. If you or a loved one are looking for a family law attorney in Western New York take a look at their New York Family Law Guide.