Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer on Changing the Jurisdiction of a Custody Petition

As a dedicated Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer, I am often asked if a custody petition’s jurisdiction can be changed?

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  • A custody petition may be filed in any county where either parent or the child resides.
  • If the other parent files their petition in an inconvenient county, your attorney can file a motion requesting the court to designate that county an inconvenient forum and, if the motion is granted, move the proceedings.
  • The court will consider where the parties reside, how long they’ve resided there, where the child resides, and where most witnesses can be found. Oftentimes, the court will evaluate specific circumstances to determine the best place for the matter to be heard.
  • If a family court proceeding is initiated in a distant county, consult an experienced family and matrimonial attorney to present the facts in the most compelling manner.

Do you need to change the jurisdiction of your custody petition?  Contact experienced Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer Jennifer Sunderlin Morton for help.

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