Saratoga Child Support Attorney on Paying for College Expenses while Paying for Support

As a knowledgeable Saratoga Child Support Attorney, I am often asked if a parent who pays for child support will also pay for college expenses.

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  • Parents who pay child support may balk at being required to pay the shelter expenses included in their basic child support obligation plus such items as college room and board.
  • If a court has directed one party to pay child support, those double shelter expenses will be taken into consideration when college obligations come into play.
  • It is important for couples to consider such matters in the process of drafting their agreement.
  • It is wisest to consult with a Saratoga Child Support Attorney to avoid future pitfalls when those expenses begin to take effect.

Do you pay for support and are unwilling to pay for college expenses?  Contact experienced Saratoga Child Support Attorney Katrin Falco for advice.

This educational video was brought to you by Katrin Falco, an experienced Saratoga Child Support Attorney in Clifton Park.

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