Saratoga Child Support Lawyer on Changing a Support Order Because of Job Loss

As an experienced Saratoga Child Support Lawyer, I am most often asked what to do if a child support order needs to be changed because of loss of job.

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  • The most important thing to do if a lost job makes it necessary to modify or reduce a child support order is file a petition to modify support in the family court as soon as possible.
  • Time is of the essence here, because any reduction in support will be retroactive only to the petition’s filing date.
  • Support is not automatically reduced. It is up to the payer to file a petition to make the court aware of the circumstances so that a proposed modification can be addressed.

Did you lose your job and need to make a change in your support order?  Contact knowledgeable Saratoga Child Support Lawyer Jennifer Sunderlin Morton for help.

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