Saratoga Divorce Attorney Explains How a Mutually Shared Business is Handled

As an experienced Saratoga Divorce Attorney, clients who run a mutually shared business that are going through a divorce ask how it will be handled in the process.

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  • A business in which both parties work is usually one started by one of the parties or in which one party has more of a vested interest.
  • Depending upon the type of work, the more-interested party may be more of a principal in the business, and it will be natural for that party to retain the business.
  • Sometimes, however, if the parties started the business together, it can present significant challenges.
  • Although it is not always advisable, some parties are able to continue working together, and can remain partners. Success depends upon the parties themselves, and the level of their acrimony or cooperation.
  • A high-conflict divorce, however, will make it impossible for both parties to continue running that business.

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