Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Examines the Time You Must Wait for a Judgment on a Non-Responding Spouse

As a dedicated Saratoga Divorce Lawyer, I often speak to clients about the time they must wait for their spouse to respond from a divorce judgment.

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  • In New York State – absent court permission – you must personally serve an individual with either a summons with notice or a summons with complaint.
  • The recipient has 20 days to respond, beginning the day after they’re served.
  • If a spouse hasn’t responded when that deadline expires, a judgment of divorce by default can be obtained.

Are you serving your spouse with divorce papers and wonder how long it will take?  Contact experienced Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Katrin Falco for guidance.

This educational video was brought to you by Katrin Falco, an experienced Saratoga Divorce Lawyer in Clifton Park.

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