Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Explains How to Get Your Fair Share of Your Spouse’s Business

As a dedicated Saratoga Divorce Lawyer, I am often asked how a client can get their fair share of their spouse’s business when going through a divorce.

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  • The proper way to determine the value of a business owned by either party is to retain an expert to calculate its value.
  • Once the business is valued, the parties or the court will determine the non-titled spouse’s share.
  • The court will consider many factors in determining the non-titled spouse’s share, which can range from 20% to 50%.
  • A specific mandate will set forth how the non-titled spouse is paid and, if payment is to be made over time, it may include an interest component.

Do you wish to collect your fair share of your spouse’s business?  Contact experienced Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Jean Mahserjian for guidance.

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