Saratoga Divorce Lawyer on Requiring Your Spouse to Turn Over Financial Paperwork

As a dedicated Saratoga Divorce Lawyer, I am often asked about a period of time during the divorce that you exchange financial paperwork with your spouse.

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  • The divorce process includes a period discovery during which spouses exchange financial information.
  • The court establishes a schedule within which the exchange of that information is to be completed.
  • Civil practice rules and local rules will govern the timely disclosure of that information. If one spouse is unwilling to provide disclosure, a court order can compel him or her to turn over the required financial information.
  • Continued refusal may preclude the recalcitrant person from providing financial information at trial.

Is your spouse refusing to hand over financial paperwork?  Contact experienced Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Katrin Falco for guidance.

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