Saratoga Family Law Attorney on Being Afraid of Seeing the Respondent of an OOP in Court

As an experienced Saratoga Family Law Attorney, I am often asked what to do if you are afraid to see the respondent of an order of protection in court.

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  • If you’re afraid to see the respondent in court, reach out to a court officer outside the courtroom upon arriving at the courthouse and ask to be escorted to a room away from the respondent.
  • They will also escort you into the courtroom when you are called for your appearance and, once your case is concluded, they will escort you from the courtroom.
  • Bring a friend or a family member – or even an advocate – to court with you so that you don’t feel alone or scared.

Are you going to court and afraid to see the respondent? Contact dedicated Saratoga Family Law Attorney Ashley Mahserjian for help.

This educational video was brought to you by Ashley Mahserjian, an experienced Saratoga Family Law Attorney in Clifton Park.

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