Seeking Custody of Your Niece or Nephew

Learn about your rights and obligations under New York State law when seeking custody of your niece or nephew in this educational video by our experienced Albany Child Custody LawyerKatrin Falco

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Generally, a parent’s right to custody of the children is superior to all others. However, a non-parent can seek custody of a child. They must first demonstrate extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances include things like surrender, abandonment, neglect, unfitness. Once you’ve established that extraordinary circumstances exist, the the court will determine whether or not it’s in the best interest of the child or children to be in your care.

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If you have children and are considering a separation or divorce, one of the most important decisions you will have is how your children will be raised and cared for. This is difficult in an intact marriage; when parents are going through the emotional trauma of marital dissolution, this issue can become explosive. Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., P.C. understands the complexity of the legal and human issues attached to child custody. We can help you obtain a complete custody arrangement that meets the individual needs of your children and addresses the unique circumstances of your family.

Family law courts decide matters based on their perception of “the best interest of the child(ren).” Since stability is generally in the children’s interest, especially during a time of upheaval like a divorce, the court prefers to maintain the status quo. This can mean identifying a parent who has been the primary caregiver and favoring that person in custody matters, just as the primary bread-winner would take primary responsibility for child support.

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