Accidental Violation of an Order of Protection

Learn how to avoid an accidental violation of an order of protection in this video by experienced Albany attorney Jennifer Sunderlin Morton.

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If an order of protection has been ordered against you, before you meet with the party who the order affects, it’s important that you carefully read the order because you can be in violation of an order of protection even when the other party invites the contact. For example, if there is a full Stay Away Order of Protection against you – an order of protection which clearly states that you are to stay away or refrain from any contact with the petitioner – you cannot meet with the petitioner to try to work out your differences at that time while the order is in effect.

However, if the order only states that you must refrain from illegal contact with the petitioner – that’s commonly known as a refrain from order of protection – it is perfectly fine to meet with the petitioner to try to sort out your differences. However, I do recommend that you consult with an attorney to review your order with you to make sure that you’re in compliance, and that if you are going to meet with the petitioner, you do so initially in a public place so you cannot be accused of violating the order.

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