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How to Get Spousal Support if Your Ex Quit Their Job

How to Get Spousal Support if Your Ex Quit Their Job

Question: I believe my husband quit his job several months ago in order to avoid having to pay me spousal support. He’d been working for over a year at this same job prior. He had repeatedly said he “can’t get a job” until he divorces me and now I understand what that meant. He has […]

Saratoga Family Law Attorney Examines Domestic Abuse in a Marriage

Saratoga Family Law Attorney

What is my verdict if I do this Question: I came into this country with a visiting visa on may 9 and i married my hubby on Aug 24. Apparently its been a manipulative marriage and its hurts the sexual abuse i go through. He threatens me back and forth. I just got my papers […]

Albany Divorce Attorney Discusses Your Spouse Terminating the Health Insurance

Saratoga Divorce Attorney

I am often asked as an Albany Divorce Attorney what to do if your spouse is threatening to terminate your health insurance.  If you have a concern that your spouse may be about to terminate health insurance benefits that cover you, you can file for divorce and prevent them from doing so. I advise clients as […]

Saratoga Divorce Attorney Discusses Sharing Your Social Security Benefits

I am often asked as a Saratoga Divorce Attorney if you will have to share your social security benefits if you go through a divorce.  The short answer is yes, if you are a divorced spouse and you were married for a period of 10 years or more. There are certain other criteria that the […]

Saratoga Divorce Attorney Discusses Your Spouse Getting Access To Your Bank Account

Saratoga Divorce Lawyer

I’m often asked as an Saratoga Divorce Attorney, if a parent or sibling can add our client’s name to their bank account and whether or not the spouse of our client can then access those funds or make a claim to those funds in the event of a divorce. Your parent or sibling can always add […]

Saratoga Divorce Attorney Discusses Being Divorced In NY State If You Just Moved Here

Obtaining a New York Divorce

I often speak to clients as a Saratoga Divorce Attorney about getting divorced in NY state if you just moved here.  New York courts will recognize an out-of-state marriage in granting a judgment of divorce. However, there are residency requirements.  I advise clients as a Saratoga Divorce Attorney that the first is if you are […]

Albany Divorce Lawyer Explains if Winning a Settlement is Joint Marital Property?

Is My Settlement Joint Marital Property

I have often been asked as a Albany Divorce Lawyer if winning personal injury settlement money is considered joint marital property. In New York, a personal injury settlement is considered separate property, which means it is not marital and is not subject to equitable distribution. I advise clients as a Albany Divorce Lawyer that you want to […]

Albany Divorce Attorney Discusses Protecting Your Retirement Account

Albany Divorce Attorney Discusses Protecting Your Retirement Account

I am often asked as a Albany Divorce Attorney how to protect your retirement account from your spouse in a divorce situation.  To the extent that you have acquired a retirement account prior to getting married, those funds are your separate property. As a Albany Divorce Attorney I advise clients that once you get married, […]

Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Discusses Opening Up Your Own Bank Account

My Own Bank Account

I am often asked as a Saratoga Divorce Lawyer if you should open your own bank account when filing for divorce.  If you have filed for divorce or your spouse has and you are both still living in the same residence and still sharing bills and making the bill payments as you had before, it […]

Albany Family Law Attorney Discusses Being Required to Pay College Expenses

Paying College Expenses

I am often asked as a Albany Family Law Attorney by clients if a court can require someone to pay college expenses.  A court is empowered to direct parents to contribute to the college expenses of the child. I like to advise clients as a Albany Family Law Attorney that court will consider the parent’s educational background, […]

Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Discusses Divorce Decree Statute of Limitations

Question: I have not received the full amount of money from my ex-husband as stated in the divorce decree – this has caused me to not sign the quit claim on that home. Do I have to sign this or do I still own 1/2 of the house since my name is on the title […]

Albany Divorce Attorney Discusses What Happens After an Attested Divorce

Question: My wife attested the divorce after signing separation papers and accepting money that she asked for.  She’s received everything shes asked for and cashed the check. I was granted the divorce by a judge. She states she was not informed on the monies. We agreed to use same attorney to save money. Download Our Free […]