Divorce Reconciliation

Saratoga Divorce Attorney Explains Divorce Reconciliation

Having second thoughts on divorce? Jennifer Sunderlin Morton, one of our Saratoga divorce attorneys explain how you can stop the process with divorce reconciliation in the following educational video.

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If during divorce proceedings, the litigants both decide to reconcile or to stop the divorce process for any other reason, how the spouse who filed the claim can halt or terminate the proceedings depends on where he or she is in the divorce process. If no responsive pleading has been served yet—that is, if the other party has not yet responded to summons—the spouse who has filed for divorce can file a stipulation of discontinuance, which will include only that spouse’s signature.

After a responsive pleading has been filed, though, and the other party has filed an answer or even a counterclaim, the spouse would then need the consent of the other party to discontinue the action. This would entail either obtaining a court order or preparing a stipulation of discontinuance that would be signed by both spouses. Before taking any of the above steps, however, if an attorney is already involved, it is important to consult that attorney for guidance.

Download Our Free Divorce Guide