Minimize Divorce Expenses

Albany Divorce Lawyer Discusses How To Minimize Divorce Expenses

Want a divorce but have concerns about the expense? Watch this video to learn how you can minimize divorce expenses by Jean Mahserjian, one of our experienced Albany divorce lawyers.

Keeping costs down is a regular concern for many people going through a divorce. After all, divorces are expensive, and the hefty cost often dissuades unhappy couples from seeking to end their marriages. Our firm’s advice to those seeking to remain financially stable in a divorce is thus: be organized and stay focused.

By “be organized,” we mean that all parties in a divorce will benefit from arranging, presenting, and submitting documents in a clear and prompt manner, and this can only be accomplished through intentional and concerted efforts to keep all documents in order. We recommend sorting the documents that may be needed during litigation and keeping them in an organized fashion, either chronologically or grouped together by subject matter. During the divorce process, attorneys will need access to several documents, and having the relevant documents on hand and easily available can expedite legal proceedings. Organization also relates to how an individual who has filed for divorce presents her or his case to an attorney. The more organized that an individual is in presenting information to an attorney, the easier it will be to process that information.

By “stay focused,” our office recommends that divorce seekers seriously consider their goals and what they wish to receive after the divorce has been finalized. All parties in a divorce should work on developing goals with their attorneys. Once a clear strategy is developed, it is easier to stay on track; the process will become more complicated over time, but a clear set of goals in mind will help everyone keep her or his eyes on the prize. When the documents are organized and a strategy has been established to reach the goals, as hard as it can be, it is imperative to remember what is important.

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