Saratoga Child Custody Attorney Discusses Handling a 50/50 Schedule

Saratoga Child Custody AttorneyQuestion:

We’ve never been to court. My child is 3 years old. This is usually my custody schedule, sometimes 12 pm Saturday – 8 pm Tuesday.  I was never married to the mom. I pay her 17% in child support. I also provide diapers and other necessities(keep receipts and texts), and pay the health insurance.
I’m trying to stay out of court, but she says she wants to go to court because she thinks she will get more.
Do the times I have my child equivalent to a 50/50 child custody schedule?

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As an experienced Saratoga Child Custody Attorney, I am often asked about visitation and parenting time schedules.  You have three out of every seven nights. The courts usually looks at the number of nights spent with the children to determine whether custody is shared. You could seek more time and shared custody, with perhaps three nights one week and four nights the next week. Child support does not automatically change if you have shared custody. If you earn more than she does, the likelihood is that you will still pay support, although the amount could be reduced. That depends on the difference in income and the judge hearing your case. You should schedule a consultation with a local Saratoga Child Custody Attorney to fully discuss these issues.

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