Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer Explains if You Have to Consent to Your Child’s College Choice

As a dedicated Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer, I am often asked if a child is required to get permission to go to a certain school.

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  • Families may approach payment for and selection of a child’s college in unique ways. Think through how this issue might have been approached if the separation or divorce had not happened.
  • The court will not order the child to get the parents’ permission to select a college, but a negotiated agreement often includes language outlining the way the college will be selected.
  • Each parent’s involvement in the process, and obligation to pay for that college may be contingent on their level of consent to the selected college.

Is your child looking to go to a school that your ex does not approve of?  Contact experienced Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer Jean Mahserjian for guidance.

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