Saratoga Child Support Attorney Discusses Paying Arrears After You’ve Lost Your Job

Saratoga Child Support LawyerQuestion:

Just lost my job, due to an illness.  I can no longer afford to make payments.  I wrote to the New York Support office, and received a letter from the credit bureau saying my account was two months delinquent. I was holding out to see if I can find a new job after I am well enough to work, which is why I did not consider a modification. Is there anything that I can do to prevent reporting to the credit bureau since I am unemployed?

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As an experienced Saratoga Divorce Attorney my recommendation is the following.  Simply writing to the Support Collection Unit does not stop the accrual of arrears or their administrative obligations regarding the enforcement of arrears.  The best avenue for someone in this situation is to immediately file a petition seeking a downward modification.

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