Saratoga Divorce Attorney Discusses Post Divorce Child Custody

Saratoga Divorce AttorneyQuestion:

I went through a long divorce and custody batter with my ex-wife. Now since everything has been finalized she and her family Is having issues exchanging custody of the kids. Every time I go pick up the kids there is issue. It came to a point where now I’m getting life threats by my ex brother-in-law’s. I actually had to take Order of protection against them last time I went to exchange custody and they showed up instead to my ex.
I have a court hearing coming up and I need to know how to proceed with it

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As an experienced Saratoga Divorce Attorney, I am often handle situations like this.  You can file a Violation Petition to address the issue of disruptive exchange of the children.You stated that you have a Hearing coming up. What is this Hearing for? It is difficult to give you more guidance on how to prepare because I do not have enough information. I would recommend meeting with an attorney. If you aren’t interested in hiring an attorney, simply contacting an attorney for a consultation could go a long way and help you tremendously. Good luck!

Are you dealing with a child custody matter after your divorce?  Contact dedicated Saratoga Divorce Attorney Ashley Mahserjian for guidance.

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