Three Tips to Get Your Ex-Spouse’s Junk Out of Your House

Three Tips to Get Your Ex-Spouse’s Junk Out of Your House

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Saratoga Divorce AttorneyQuestion:

It’s been over 2 years since our divorce. We were married for 18 years and he still hasn’t removed his expensive tools and other personal items that are stacked up and taking up cupboard space in my garage. He probably doesn’t have anywhere to store them, but after 2 years isn’t that is a reasonable amount of time to find a place? He also left some heavy furniture items upstairs that I don’t want here. He’s always saying he is going to get everything but never does, and always wants to come by at times he knows I am not home. When I am home, he has other plans. I’m running out of patience. Also if he notices something of his is not where he left it 2 years, he gets cocky with me. He’s psychologically abusive and vindictive in subtle ways. He also refuses to give back my house keys and says he will when he finishes removing his stuff. I don’t trust him. He’s an alcoholic and lives with his alcoholic girlfriend. He recently unlocked my front door and walked into my house unannounced as if he had the right to do so. It makes me uncomfortable. He disrupts my life. Is there anything legally I can do without raising cane? I am done with him, but he doesn’t get it.


First: Is there anything in your divorce decree that states he needs to get his things out within a specific amount of time? I would look there first.

Second: If not, I would let him know that you are going to get rid of his things on a specific date at a specific time. See if that forces him to remove his things.  It sounds like he is purposely keeping his property in the house so that he feels like he still has control.

Third: You may need to request relief from the Court if he doesn’t remove his things.

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