3 Domestic Violence Tips

Are you being mentally or physically abused and need help? Check out these 3 domestic violence tips, then call our Saratoga attorneys today.

Ex is Threatening to Court

  • 3 Domestic Violence TipsSadly, in most situations, family court carries an ongoing risk that the parties may have to go back.
  • When the parties know a return to court may be on the horizon, excellent records offer the best protection. The better one’s records – and the better one is organized – the better the outcome, regardless of the other party’s allegations.
  • The next best self-protection is appropriate behavior. If a return to family court is anticipated, mindfulness of words and actions is very important.
  • Remember that any text message, email, social media post can be cherry-picked for use against you. Just be careful.

How Long an Order of Protection Lasts

  • An order of protection is designed to keep someone who is harming another away from that person.
  • Temporary orders of protection last until the holder’s next court date, and final orders of protection can last from one to several years.
  • In the case of aggravated circumstances – such as use of a weapon or infliction of bodily harm – a five-year order of protection may be entered.

Nearest Domestic Abuse Resources in Saratoga or Albany County

  • Resources include Equinox in Albany, a Rape Crisis Center in Saratoga County, and an LGBT-based community hotline called In Our Own Voices
  • You may also go to your local Family Court to file a petition

Domestic Violence Resources in Saratoga County, NY

Are you being mentally or physically abused and need help? After reading these 3 domestic violence tips, contact dedicated Saratoga Domestic Violence Attorneys for legal assistance and get started on your claim today.

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