Saratoga Family Law Attorney Explains What to Do if Your Ex Threatens to Take You to Court

As a knowledgeable Saratoga Family Law Attorney, clients will call and ask what to do if their ex is threatening to take them to court.

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  • Sadly, in most situations, family court carries an ongoing risk that the parties may have to go back.
  • When the parties know a return to court may be on the horizon, excellent records offer the best protection. The better one’s records – and the better one is organized – the better the outcome, regardless of the other party’s allegations.
  • The next best self-protection is appropriate behavior. If a return to family court is anticipated, mindfulness of words and actions is very important.
  • Remember that any text message, email, social media post can be cherry-picked for use against you. Just be careful.

Are you being threatened to be taken to court by your ex?  Contact experienced Saratoga Family Law Attorney Jennifer Sunderlin Morton for guidance.

This educational video was brought to you by Jennifer Sunderlin Morton, an experienced Saratoga Family Law Attorney in Clifton Park.

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