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Albany Divorce Attorney Discusses What Happens After an Attested Divorce

Question: My wife attested the divorce after signing separation papers and accepting money that she asked for.  She’s received everything shes asked for and cashed the check. I was granted the divorce by a judge. She states she was not informed on the monies. We agreed to use same attorney to save money. Download Our Free […]

Is a Divorce Lawyer Necessary?

Question: I haven’t seen my ex husband in 20 years, and I don’t even know where to start looking for him.  I’m 50 years old with health issues and I don’t want to have his last name any more. Download Our Free Divorce Guide Answer: f you file for divorce, you have to have your husband […]

Grandparent Custody Rights

Question: I have had custody of my granddaughter for 4 1/2 years and my daughter has done nothing in all those years to try to get her back.  She visits twice a week, most weeks she never calls for the visits and the courts set all of this up.  Now she’s taking us to court […]

Arguing the CSSA NY Amendment

Question: My divorce trial which included Child Support ended on August 24, 2010 but was not signed and entered until November 10, 2010. Since the law was not in effect on August 24, 2010 I had no knowledge of the new law or that we had the ability to opt out of the added reasons […]

Contesting a Relocation

Question: My current order (out of NY) allows me to move 500 miles from the town my son’s father lives in, which is not in NYS. He has moved out of state. I want to move further than 500 miles, and he said the only way he will let me go is if I reduce […]

Family Court Order

Question: I received a Family Court Order in 2009, ordering me to pay child support until my daughter is 21.  I also am responsible for paying her out of pocket medical expenses, for which I’ve been doing, but only recently because the custodial parent has only recently sent me bills. The other day, I got bills […]

Will I Lose My Rights to My Jointly Owned Home If I Leave?

Question: We are in the process of getting a divorce, will I loose my rights to our house if I decide to leave? Download Our Free Divorce Guide Answer: You will not lose your economic rights in your home if you leave your home while you are obtaining a divorce. If you move to another […]

Can My Spouse Move Out of State with Our Daughter Without Consent if Custody is Shared?

Question: We got divorced two years ago by mutual agreement. We did our documents through “we the people” and chose to do the visits with my oldest daughter and our younger daughter one week with him and one with me. We stayed here in Schenectady to make it easier for us to keep that schedule […]

Does Child Support Automatically Stop When My Daughter Turns 21?

Question: My daughter turns 21 on August 10th and I am simply wondering if I need to file any paperwork in regards to the payments automatically taken out of my paycheck through the SCU. Download Our Free Divorce Guide Answer: Wage deduction does not always end automatically when a child turns 21. In addition, there […]

How Do We Calculate Child Support?

Question: Father lives in Texas with one of the 3 children, and Mom Lives in Albany New York with 2 of the 3 children. All kids born in Texas, but Texas has a continuance Jurisdiction Divorce decree that has a Geographical restriction for the mother to live either in Texas or NY.  Mom Moved to […]

Medical Decisions for My Child

Question: I am the non custodial parent with joint legal custody. Can the custodial parent have the child be seen by a psychiatrist without my consent?  My ex has had the child see over 7 therapists in the past few years and is showing signs of stress because of it. I have voiced my concern […]

Getting My Child Back with Full Custody

Question: My ex-husband and I have joint custody of our 12 year old son. I live in Virginia and my ex husband lives in Upstate NY. We’ve always maintained joint custody with myself as the primary custodian. Last year my son wanted to live up in NY with his dad which I had no problem […]