Saratoga Child Support Lawyer Discusses Grounds to File a Petition of Violation


My ex is delinquent in child support.  He keeps going against the agreements in our divorce and purposely goes out of his way to cause me stress and anxiety.  His harassing behavior and malice have caused me extreme stress and fear. He had a restraining order recently changed to an ACOD but he does and acts however he wants.

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I will advise clients as a Saratoga Child Support Lawyer that if your Judgment of Divorce states that Supreme Court and Family Court both have jurisdiction to address future issues of enforcement and modification, you can file a Violation Petition in Family Court. You should at least consult with a local Saratoga Child Support Lawyer to determine if all of the issues that you need to raise can be raised in Family Court. In some instances, violations are of provisions that cannot be addressed in Family Court.

If you have questions on how to file a petition of violation in family court, contact our experienced Saratoga Child Support Lawyers.

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