What if You Can’t Make it to Family Court?

A common question we receive from clients is “what if you can’t make it to family court?” Don’t get charged with contempt of court! Watch this educational video by Saratoga Attorney Jennifer Sunderlin Morton to find out your options.

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If you can’t make it to your court appearance, you should contact your attorney immediately. If you do not have an attorney, you should submit a written notice to the court. In almost every court across this state, they do not accept telephone calls or emails to say that you cannot appear in court, but written notices or requests for adjournment will be considered.

Contact our law office immediately if you can’t make it to family court.  Our family law attorneys will work with you and help the matter.

Attorney Jennifer Sunderlin Morton is experienced in family law and can help you achieve your legal goals.  Check out her superb client reviews on Avvo.

At Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., P.C., we partner with clients to overcome personal and family problems that require legal remedies. We provide the knowledge and experience; you choose the direction you want to pursue. Our collaborative approach to case management allows you to regain a measure of control over seemingly insurmountable issues.

There’s nothing more debilitating than the feeling of helplessness. That is especially so when you have a family for whom you are responsible. Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., P.C. can help you feel empowered again to tackle legal issues that have been weighing you down. For more than 20 years, our Saratoga County law firm has provided thorough and supportive services to guide clients through their current crises to a more secure and hopeful future. No matter your family law issue, the skilled attorneys at Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., P.C. are here to listen, inform and advise you about your best options.