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Obtaining Custody of Your Niece or Nephew

Obtaining Custody of Your Niece or Nephew Saratoga Divorce Lawyer

Either through a sibling passing or being unfit to care for their own children, you may be obtaining custody of your niece or nephew. This is a sad and stressful situation that can be life-altering. It’s very difficult for a non-parent to obtain custody of a child who is not their biological relation. That is […]

Child Custody Petition Issues

Child Custody Petition Issues Saratoga Family Law Attorney Lawyer

When deciding on a child custody agreement, you may experience a lot of frustration. Something that can amplify this is if your spouse files a petition in another jurisdiction. Hiring an experienced New York divorce lawyer can help solve these child custody petition issues. Child Custody Petition Issues | Changing the Jurisdiction As a dedicated […]

Spouse Issues During Divorce

Spouse Issues During Divorce Saratoga Family Law Attorney Lawyer

Divorce is a hard thing for a lot of people. It can be further complicated if your spouse gives you a hard time. Here are a few spouse issues during divorce that you may experience. Spouse Issues During Divorce | Your Ex Not Paying Child Support If your ex isn’t paying court-ordered child support, your […]

Bank Account Management Following Divorce

Bank Account Management Following Divorce Saratoga Divorce Lawyer

When going through a divorce, you may be worried about your finances and whether you are going to have to divide all your own money. Here are two concerns about managing a bank account during divorce. Should I Open Up My Own Bank Account? If you have filed for divorce or your spouse has, and […]

Stop Paying Child Support

Stop Paying Child Support NY Divorce Lawyer Family Law Attorney

Child support can be quite a challenging decision to come to with your spouse as well as custody of the child. If these custody circumstances change, you may want to stop paying child support payments. If you are experiencing these child support issues, you should speak to an attorney. Stop Paying Child Support if You […]

Divorce Fee Concerns

Divorce Fee Concerns Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Family Law Attorney

When going through divorce, you may be wondering how you are going to manage everything financially. It can cause a great deal of stress in a situation that is unfortunately a stressful one to begin with. In the meantime, here are some divorce fee concerns. Divorce Fee Concerns: Requesting Your Spouse to Pay for Your […]

School Cost Obligations

School Cost Obligations Saratoga Family Law Attorney Divorce Lawyer

If you are going through a divorce, you may be feeling worried about how you are going to manage all things financially. School cost obligations may be having you concerned, particularly if you have multiple children attending. Assets between you and your spouse likely have been divided and now you may be wondering what happens […]

Domestic Partnership

Domestic Partnership

Can I be separated and get a domestic partnership? If you are separated from a marriage and moved on, you might be wondering if you require a full divorce before you start a domestic partnership with another person.  Albany divorce attorney, Jennifer Sunderlin Morton has the experience in family law to guide you through the […]

Spousal Maintenance Concerns

Spousal Maintenance Concerns Saratoga Divorce Lawyers Attorneys

If you are going through divorce may be feeling anxious about how everything will be worked out. You may have heard about spousal maintenance and be wondering if that is something you will have to be worried about paying. Here are spousal maintenance concerns that you should to know. Spousal Maintenance Concerns: Statutes Spousal maintenance […]

Legal Separation

Legal Separation Saratoga Divorce Lawyers Family Law Attorneys

Marriage is not always a harmonious life-long relationship for some people. Sometimes a couple cannot continue to live together. If you feel that your living situation is not amiable, but you do not yet wish to dissolve the marriage, you may be interested in seeking legal separation from your spouse. With the guidance of an […]

Dividing a Premarital Retirement Account

Dividing a Premarital Retirement Account Saratoga Divorce Attorneys

If you are going through a divorce, you may be worried about a lot of things. Dividing up your assets may be making you anxious. As an office that handles dozens of divorce cases, our Saratoga Divorce Attorneys are used to people coming into our office and asking about diving up their assets. A common […]