Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer Discusses The Importance of Joint and Sole Custody

shared custody

A common question I get as a Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer  is what is the difference between joint and sole custody? There are two types of custody that are relevant in every case. There is legal custody, and there is physical custody. Legal custody is decision-making authority for a child, and physical custody is where the child resides. When you’re talking about joint versus sole custody, you’re talking about legal custody. When parents have joint legal custody, they need to discuss and agree upon major issues concerning the health, education, and welfare of a child. If one parent is vested with sole custody, that parent has sole authority to decide those matter. I advise clients as a Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer that they have no obligation to discuss or get agreement from the other parent.  If you have a child custody matter in New York, contact our experienced Saratoga Child Custody Lawyers.

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This informational blog post was provided by Jennifer Sunderlin Morton, an experienced Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer.