Saratoga Divorce Attorney Discusses How Long it Takes to Get Divorced

Saratoga Divorce AttorneyClients often ask me as an experienced Saratoga Divorce Attorney, “How long will it take me to obtain my judgment of divorce?” The answer depends upon the case. Based on our general time frames, a high-conflict divorce case – in which every issue is litigated, obtaining documents is difficult, one party may throw financial equity roadblocks in the way – can quite possibly take a year or longer. In a case where the issues are relatively discrete, concrete, and easily ascertained, we can finish up in six months or less.

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The Office of Court Administration in New York publishes and attempts to impose time frames for the completion of cases upon the court system. Non-complex cases are to be completed in six months or less, and they often can be. Complex cases take longer and, when we need that time, the court system and the judges we work with are relatively understanding about what needs to be done and why.

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