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Saratoga Divorce Lawyer Discusses a Separation Agreement

Seperation Agreement in Saratoga

Question: What is the purpose of a legal separation agreement in New York State? Can I use it if we are still living together?  I would like to consider a legal separation from my husband while we are still considered divorce. Download Our Free Divorce Guide Answer: I am often asked as an experienced Saratoga […]

Albany Child Support Lawyer Discusses Taxes and Child Support

In Albany, I am often asked as Albany Child Support Lawyer if child support is taxable.  In New York, Child Support is calculated on full income, social security taxes, and income taxes. Income taxes are not deducted before Child Support is calculated. As an experienced Albany Child Support Lawyer I advise clients that support is not deductible […]

Saratoga Child Support Lawyer Discusses Calculation of Health Insurance

Saratoga Child Support Lawyer Discusses Calculation of Health Insurance I am often asked as an experienced Saratoga Child Support Lawyer how health insurance is calculated between two parties for their child’s health insurance.  In New York State, health insurance for the children is a part of the Child Support Standards Act. It is not paid […]

Albany Child Custody Lawyer Discusses the State’s Preference on Joint Custody

Albany Child Custody Lawyer Discusses the State's Preference on Joint Custody

I am often asked as a Albany Child Custody Lawyer, what the state prefers when it comes to join custody.  In most situations, the courts do look to create a Joint Custodial situation where it is possible and practical for parents to discuss major issues. As an experienced Albany Child Custody Lawyer, I advise my […]

Albany Child Custody Attorney Discusses Facts About Shared Custody

I am often asked as an experienced Albany Child Custody Attorney about some help with child custody arraignments.  If parents are considering shared custody, it is extremely important that those parents have the ability to talk to each other. When parents have shared custody, they need to consult in order to reach consensus on all […]

Albany Family Law Attorney Discusses Spousal Maintenance

As an experienced Albany Family Law Attorney I am often asked about the process of Spousal Support.  In New York State, there are two types of Spousal Maintenance. There is temporary maintenance, and there is post-divorce maintenance. Temporary maintenance is the spousal support that you receive while in action for divorces on-going. Spousal maintenance is […]

Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer Discusses The Importance of Joint and Sole Custody

A common question I get as a Saratoga Child Custody Lawyer  is what is the difference between joint and sole custody? There are two types of custody that are relevant in every case. There is legal custody, and there is physical custody. Legal custody is decision-making authority for a child, and physical custody is where […]

Albany Divorce Attorney Discusses the Uncontested Divorce Process

Uncontested Divorce Attorney

I often get questions from clients as a Albany Divorce Attorney about going through an Uncontested Divorce.  If you and your spouse agree upon all the issues that must be divided in your Divorce, you can obtain an Uncontested Divorce. To obtain an Uncontested Divorce, you must have a written agreement on all of the […]

Saratoga Child Support Attorney Discusses Add-On Expenses

Divorce Agreement

Question: If a stipulated child support agreement will include pro-rata sharing of unreimbursed children’s medical expenses, is mileage to/from doctor considered an unreimbursed medical expense? Using, for example, federal rates as noted in IRA instructions. the monied spouse says “no”; the custodial parent thinks “yes”. The agreement is still under negotiation. If so, would the […]

Albany Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Asking for Primary Custody

primary custody

Question: My ex and I have 50/50 of our 3 yr old.  The issue is my ex can not take care of our daughter (we have 1week with me then next with her dad).  My ex missed another doctor’s appointment for her (second time in 2 months) and he never took her to the doctor on […]

Albany Family Law Attorney Discusses an Order of Protection Infraction

I frequently hear from clients as a Albany Family Law Attorney about having an order of protection violated in a family law matter.  If someone violates an Order of Protection against you, you need to immediately call the police. In addition, if you have a Albany Family Law Attorney, you need to call him or […]

Albany Family Law Attorney Discusses a Spousal Maintenance Extension

Alimony extension

Question: I’m already divorced and I’ve been collecting alimony/spousal support. It ends in February 2016.  Can I get a extension on my alimony? Because I’m not able to work and I’ve been waiting on disability. Download Our Free Divorce Guide Answer: I have advised clients as an Albany Family Law Attorney that it is possible to modify […]